Petition to stop the Tumpen-Habichen Power Plant Project

The project will harm the entire Ötz valley and not just the two villages of Tumpen and Habichen. Your help is desperately needed to protect our Ache River in the Ötz valley. This is about protecting what mother nature gave us, as the Ache is the last significant river in Tyrol that man has not spoiled in the name of commerce, in 1988 it was even declared a „Water sacred site“. The petition is also about public water rights.

Act Now! Help us to stop this needless destruction of the environment and this dangerous project!

Why should you sign the petition to save the Ache river and the villages of Tumpen and Habichen?

  • Protection of beautiful, wild, natural habitat and las unspoilt river
    The Ache river in the Ötz valley is the last white water river in Tyrol that is not yet destroyed by a power plant.
  • Flooding Danger
    Tumpen is in an extrem flood plain. Parts of the area have been flooded repeatedly in the last few decades. The power plant will block the Ache river at a sensitive point in this flood plain and thereby greatly increase the risk of flooding!  You can find details here (Chronologie) and see photos here (Galerie).
  • Sinkholes in the village of Tumpen
    Tumpen is located in an extremely instable geological area. Giant sinkholes have developed, which were caused by construction activities on and in the river bed and surrounding areas (you can see photos here (Galerie)).
  • Mudslides
    The planned power plant and will lie directly in a mudslide region. On August 20, 2012 a giant mudslide (100.000 m³) took place, which demonstrates the scale of this risk.
  • Protection of beautiful, wild, natural habit that we inherited from the generations who came before us
    The Ache River in the Ötz valley is the last river of any significance in the region not yet corrupted by man.
  • Water rights of the entire Ötz valley are affected
    The planned power plant will affect the water rights of all those who care and depend on the nurturing waters of the Ache water.
  • Falling Rocks
    The planned power plant will sit in a region subject to an extreme risk of falling rocks.

We cannot allow this power plant to be built! Please help. Every bit of help counts. You can help by: 

  • Signing the online petition: Unterschriftenliste
  • Contacting the following people and make your voice heard:
    • Governor of Tyrol, Mr. Platter
    • Vice governor of Tyrol, Mrs Felipe
    • Austrian minister of the environment, Mr. Rupprechter
    • Mayor of Umhausen/Tumpen, Bürgermeister Mr. Wolf

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